How to align your life with your cycle

It’s April, it’s Spring, and I am so excited to delve into the topic of self-care.  I know the importance of it in my own life and I know that without self-care I would be a mess.

To me self-care means anything that you need in any given moment that is going to bring you the feelings of goodness, joy, relaxation, and peace.

Let’s face it, we all have a whole lot to do.  We are friends, sisters, daughters, wives’, mothers and with that comes a whole lot of responsibility. I believe women are meant to be the caregivers.  Innately, we are meant to care for our families and friends.

I also believe that we cannot truly care for others unless we are deeply caring for ourselves.

Now that means something different to each one of us and so this month I am doing a deep dive into self-care.  Talking about all the ways in which we can truly care for ourselves and finding out what practices will serve you best.

One of my favorite practices is to pay attention to my cycle and give myself what I need based on what part of my cycle I am in.

Each month we go through physical, mental, and emotional states of change.

There are four parts to our cycle.

1. Follicular (7-10 days).  This stage starts on the first day after your period ends. Your physical energy increases and your creativity is high.  You feel more outgoing so social situations are appealing.  Eat light and vibrant foods and exercise, it will be fun.

2. Ovulatory (3-4 days). This is when your egg is released and your uterine lining increases. Connection and communication are heightened during this time.  You feel your best and you look your best.  It is a good time for difficult conversations and date nights. Eat greens and fruits and exercise at high impact.

3. Luteal (10-14 days). This is when you physical energy starts to decrease and you begin to turn inward. You may feel irritable and impatient. It’s a good time to do chores and organize. This phase, especially near the end is an important self-care time. Read books, take baths, do yoga. Eat warm veggies and dark leafy greens.

4. Menstrual (3-7 days). This is the bleeding phase and you feel tired and crampy.  Emotions are plentiful.  But your intuition is high.  It is a good time to journal and self-reflect and practice being in the moment. Eat Fruits and veggies and soups and green tea. Restorative yoga is key during this phase.

The great thing about knowing these phases is you can become aware of them in your own body and plan your days and months accordingly.