You landed here because…

…you want to change something about yourself or maybe a few things.

You put on a happy face, smile a lot but inside you are exhausted. You are overwhelmed with life and all of its to-do’s.  You don’t feel truly beautiful.  You have ideas galore but you don’t think you are enough to put them out into the world.  You search online for people you want to be like and you start comparing. You desire deeper connection with your partner and your children. You desire deeper connection with women.

Enough is enough you think.

I don’t blame you, it’s tiring.

You desire more.  More meaning, more presence, more peace, more satisfaction, more beauty, more support, more connection and more space to just be.  You desire motivation, movement and change.

Take a deep breath beautiful because truly, you are beautiful.  You are enough. You are remarkable. You have everything you need to fulfill your dreams.

You just forgot.  I am here to remind you.

You feel ready to make a change but you are not sure how or where to start.  You know all of the things you are supposed to be doing to make a change, meditation, yoga, gratitude journals, affirmations and that is tiring too.

If only someone could just tell me the way, tell me what to do, you think.

You have forgotten that YOU know the way.  I am here to remind you.

You wonder if hiring a coach might be the answer. You have been playing with the idea but it feels scary.

You wonder if it is really worth the investment?  You can make the time, but how much time does it really take?  And does it even work?

You forgot that investing money and time into yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for your family.  I am here to remind you.

You forgot how brilliant you are.  I am here to remind you.

You forgot how to balance your time.  I am here to remind you.

You forgot how to be present.  I am here to remind you.

You forgot that you are connected to your own knowing.  I am here to remind you.

You forgot that who you are is important and necessary.  I am here to remind you.

You forgot how beautiful you really are. I am here to remind you.

I am also here to remind you all the ways you are responsible for the creation of your life and how you get to choose the way in which you live. 

She is openly listening, she is responsibly sharing, she is respectfully giving, she is courageously receiving. She is here.
— Shauna Lay

There are a few different options to work with me privately. To explore those options, book a connection call with me and together we can see what aligns with what you are seeking.


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All photography provided by Images By Lori; Video Creation by Camara Rauen and Sean Rossiter