Yoga Tuesday, Yoga Tuesday!  I am feeling good this week.  Got a battery re-charge from World Domination Summit this past weekend in Portland, OR.  Learned so much about business and life.  Got some serious inspiration and energy from everyone that was there. It was fantastic!

I am ready to bring you more good stuff.  More good content.  More yoga goodness. More more more.

With all this energy of mine, I need Shoulderstand!

Headstand is considered the father of all poses and Shoulderstand is considered the mother of all poses. Headstand gives us energy because it bathes the pituitary gland in blood.  It is considered the master gland because it controls many other glands.  Shoulderstand calms the nervous system because it bathes the thyroid gland in blood. The thyroid gland controls your heart rate and blood pressure.

Both are important for the balance of the body just like both are important for a happy household (hense mom and dad).

So when you are full of energy, feeling the need to jump out of your seat, ground by practicing Shoulderstand.

Love Shauna

PS:  Headstand should come before Shoulderstand.  Headstand should not be practiced without Shoulderstand.  Shoulderstand can be practiced alone.