Hey Yogis,

It’s Yoga Pose Tuesday!  And today’s pose is Vira III or Warrior III.

So 2 months ago, I taught Vira II. This one is so different, it is more like Vira I, I’ll have to teach that next Tuesday.

Anyway, as you can see there are three of these Warrior like poses and they are all difficult and they are all good.

This one, while hard, is great for the strength of the core, legs, butt, hips, feet, arms, upper and lower back. Every single muscle in the body works in this pose.

In this version I use a chair to support the hands.  In this way, you are forced to work on the core and the alignment of the pose.

In the final pose there is no chair. You are welcome to practice without a chair as well.

Made with Love, Shauna