Dear Friends,
This year is coming to an end and there has been so much online about setting goals for 2015.  
I’ve never been much of a goal setter but I do create visions and commitments so I thought I would check out some goal setting techniques too.
I felt inspired and so I created my Business Vision (Thank you Vision360), I created a Business Goals Calendar (Thank you Amy Porterfield), and I did an Annual Review (Thank you Chris Guillebeau).
All of them were spectacular and I will give more details in my next newsletter.  But first I want to share with you how I did them and my takeaways.
Business Vision:
I wrote my business vision by using the “Free Guide to Creating Your Business Vision”  written by Vision360’s Ali Schiller
My takeaway:  I love to create practices that serve people’s health and wellness.  I want everyone to be as healthy and well as possible and I believe EVERYONE deserves that.


A true aha moment for me.

Business Goals Calendar:
I created a Business Goals Calendar because I saw a picture on Facebook of one made by Amy Porterfield.
My takeaway:
Goal setting doesn’t have to be so intense.  I just got a 2015 calendar and wrote ONE overall goal for each month of the year. If I didn’t have one for a month, then I left it blank or I wrote VACATION.
Annual Review:
This one was more descriptive then the last goal setting technique.  Chris Guillebeau provided the template.  And it was really fun.  I first reviewed 2014 and then I set goals for 2015.  I hit all the things I really want to focus on in the next year.
My takeaway:
A lot of things went really well in 2014 and some things didn’t go so well.  I will share all of these in my next newsletter.  The things that didn’t go so well became part of my focus for 2015.
With Love and Light,
Shauna Lay
P.S. Happy Holidays, thank you so much for subscribing to my newsletter.  I am excited for 2015 and hope to bring you some really good stuff!