Virabhadrasan I or Warrior I is named after a Hindu Myth.  It is a story about a Warrior who rises from the ground, finds his opponent, and defeats him in battle.

The three stages represent the three versions of this pose, Warrior I, II, and III.  I have taught Warrior II, so now we are going back to the beginning of the myth to learn Warrior I.

Warrior I represents his rising from the ground with his swords in hand.

It is a tough pose but a strong pose.  You can feel the power as you raise your arms up and bend your leg down.  The opposition of the legs and arms is intense!

The most important thing to remember about this pose when practicing is the tilt of the pelvis.  If you don’t continue the tucking of the tailbone throughout the pose, you will shorten your low back and it can cause pain.

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