Thanks so much for checking out my training video, The 5 Pain Zones Of The Body. If you didn’t see it and want to, click here and check it out.

Hopefully you learned what parts of the body to focus on because it is the key to overcoming pain and discomfort.

As you may know the reason I walked into my first and second yoga class was because I was had back pain and was looking for something that would relieve my pain.

The problem was that my muscles were hard from the multitude of back spasms I had while I was young and I was inflexible.

Yoga allowed me to strengthen the muscles that were weak and loosen the muscles that were tight and that gave me the ability to relieve my pain without medication or surgery.

And in the process I learned so much about how to treat back pain with exercise, particularly with yoga exercises.

If you have back pain or discomfort in your body, if you get back spasms or your back goes out, if you aren’t able to do the things you love to do because your body doesn’t allow you to, I have created this video series for you, in celebration of Yoga For Back Care, which is an in-depth online training that is opening for enrollment very soon.

This is video #2: The 7 Best Exercises For Better Posture

The crazy thing is 65 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain and we spend $600 BILLION on pain medication, surgery, and lost time at work.

It is obviously an epidemic. And that’s just in America.

One of the key reasons for this epidemic is bad posture. Slouching puts a lot of pressure on our vertebrae causing pinched nerves, degenerated discs, slipped discs, herniated discs, bulging discs, muscle spasms, nerve damage, and chronic pain.

But the good news is that bad posture is fixable.

Yoga will transform your posture but it isn’t always easy to get on your mat and practice yoga, you have work and family and kids.

That is why, in this video, I am teaching you really easy exercises you can do right at your desk right now.

They take 5 minutes and they make a huge difference in how you feel after working at your computer all day, texting on your phone, slouching on the couch, or spending all day bending over doing housework.

As a heads up, there will be two more videos after this one and they are a preview to “Yoga For Back Care” so they will only be up for a short time.

So be sure to check them out and share the information with your friends and family. It is one of my passions to spread this vital information to people who suffer from discomfort in their body and don’t know what to do.

And if you are ready to take charge of your body, I would absolutely love to support you in Yoga For Back Care Online Training.

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