My journey to a healthy back began with yoga and while successful, it wasn’t always easy.

There were times where I pushed myself because I thought every pose was good for me.  I would look to my teacher for answers because I thought she knew everything.

(If you have done this before you know how you it feels. You want to kick yourself for pushing too hard.)

I wasn’t trusting my own body and really listening to its needs.

Sometimes I walked away from a class feeling worse than when I walked in.

It took me some time to realize what I was doing wasn’t actually helping me.  So I took some time to really immerse myself in my practice and learn what would consistently help my back pain.

And in that time I figured out how to relieve myself of back pain completely.  I discovered which poses were key players in maintaining a strong and healthy back.

You are capable of relieving yourself of pain without doctors, medication, and surgery.  We all are.

And it isn’t about pushing yourself, it’s about moving your body with total awareness and paying attention to its needs.

And you don’t need a lot of time and money to take care of yourself.

In fact, I bring you video #3 to save you time and money.  In this video I bring you The 7 Essential Yoga Pose for Back Care.

Video 3: The 7 Essential Yoga Poses For Back Care

They are my go-to poses and they have helped hundreds of my students who suffer from back pain.

I promise you, if you practice these poses regularly you will feel better than you ever have before.

These poses aren’t hard but they are challenging because they stretch the muscles that need stretching and they strengthen the muscles that need strength.  And they cover all the pain zones in the body.

And they will absolutely help you!

Thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it!

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With Love + Appreciation,