For the past few weeks I have been gifting E-Books on Facebook.  Many of you received them and if you did not receive them they are still available.  All of the books have been about relieving pain in the body through yoga and exercise.

TODAY…..I bring you another special gift,  “The Yoga For Back Care Video Series”.

This is one of my favorite gifts because everything I teach in these videos will instantly help you if you suffer from back pain or any kind of discomfort in your body.

The things is..there are these tools that we have, that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Ways in which we can take control of our own health and well-being, our own healing, but we don’t always have access to them.  Whether it be money or time or simply not knowing where to find the information.  

Whatever it may be, it is one of my passions and purpose to share this information with all of you so that you have the power and control over your own healing.

I have taught this series in the past but this is the first time I teach you the most important areas to focus on in your body. If you focus on these particular areas you will relieve your pain.

Video 1 speaks to those areas, “The 5 Pain Zones” or also known as “The 5 Posture Zones”. And the videos that follow will teach you the exact exercises and poses that stretch and strengthen these areas.

With Love + Appreciation,