Sacred Connection – 12 week sisterhood program

Calling in women who desire to discover the beauty that lies within, who desire to heal. Who don’t know where to begin and want to learn loving ways to approach healing.
You are in the right place.
We learn to be ourselves by connecting with other women. We are meant to gather. We yearn connection. We know ourselves through each other.
We have been gathering for centuries but we have forgotten how to do it.  We have been taught to compare, to compete, to put each other down. We have been taught that we are too loud or too quiet. We are seen as too much or too bitchy.  All by other women. It has affected everything from our self-esteem to our confidence to our partnerships.
If we are going to heal, truly heal. If we are going to rise as women we must do it together. We must heal our relationships first. We must heal in sisterhood.
And only then will we rise to meet the masculine. Only then will we be in balance.
Learn how to deeply connect with yourself and with others through the work of sisterhood.  Understand the right way to connect with women.
Sacred Connection Sisterhood is a 12 week program.
We learn what is it like to be in sisterhood, what does it mean to be in healthy connection with other women. And how do we utilize the connection with other women to then have connection with ourselves, our partners, our families, and other important people in our lives. We learn to celebrate one another and be authentic with one another and witness and listen.  In these ways we begin to break down the current system of women to women relationships which looks like I am envious of you, I am less of than you, I am better than you. I can’t shine my light because I might put yours out. I am too much for you so I have to quiet myself. I am too quiet so that means I am bitchy. I am all these things and I am judged for them so I cannot be myself.
We work with these 6 principles throughout the program.  Desire, Truth, Balance, Responsibility, Feeling, and Surrender.
Throughout the 12 week program…
You will learn how to ask for what you want and receive it with open arms.
You will become comfortable and confident with who you are.
You will have so much more flexibility in your life.
You will have more acceptance, love, compassion, and openness.
You will feel more connected to your loved ones than ever before.
You will have more space in your life to do what you want.
Join me and the sisterhood for a life-changing experience.