Hey hey hey!  I am here to tell you all about my FAVORITE products.  

I was inspired to do this by my dear friend, Mandy.  She emailed my friends and I asking what our 8 favorite things are.  There are 8 of us, hence the 8 favorite things.

I got to thinking about my 8 favorite things and knew I had to share products because I am a total product girl.  I don’t have a lot of products but the ones I do have are my favorite and I use them ALL OF THE TIME.

So this beautiful Tuesday I have a special video for you along with links to my favorites.

This one is for you beautiful ladies! I love you so…


1.  Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub: Trader Joes $6
2.  Bath Body Brush:  Whole Foods or Online
4.  Incense Natu Rense Oriental Mind:  http://www.dsbodyworks.com/#!product/prd5/1575280805/natu-rense $7.99
6.  Arnica Gel and Peppermint Oil:  Whole foods or Online
 Love Shauna