One thing I do regularly is breathe.  I bet you do too, ha!

When I wrote that sentence it made me laugh because everyone regularly breathes, we all do, we wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t.

But what I am talking about is consciously breathing. I lie down and I focus on my inhalation and exhalation.  I get into a yoga pose and I concentrate on where my breath goes.  I sit at my desk and I take deep long inhalations and slow steady exhalations.  I do it all the time.

It gives me so much peace, clarity, openness, softness, awareness, presence, love, and connection. 

But what it gives me more than anything is healing.

Healing is at the top of my list of must-do’s in this lifetime.

It is important for all of us.  With so much dis-ease and pain in the world, with so much hate and anxiety and stress.  With so much pressure to be more than what we are, we ALL need healing.  

Breathe because it softens your body, breathe because it calms your mind, breathe because it opens your soul.  

Breathe because we all need to heal, together, now.

Click on the video below to learn a simple breathing technique you can do right now, later, whenever.

Written and Made with Love, Shauna

PS:  Yoga Pose Tuesday is now Yoga Tuesday, so it may be a pose, it may be a breathing technique in may be an answer to a question.  But it will always be about Yoga.

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