Making space in our homes by de-cluttering is a remarkable transformative process. Keeping only the things that bring us joy and things that we truly need = less work and more time. Everything you own has its home and it returns there everyday in peace.

It reminds me of the transformative process that happens when you begin practicing yoga.  Your muscles are tense, bound, and hard, your blood flow restricted, your organs stressed, and your mind worried and busy.

Through the practice of yoga, you begin to breathe and create space in your body for everything to return home. Your muscles began to relax and open, your blood flows freely, your organs have space to work, and your mind becomes more relaxed and spacious than ever.  

Making more physical space whether around us or within us is a necessity for our well-being.  We cannot be surrounded by clutter or bound inside and be truly happy and healthy.  It is just not possible because we are not peacefully home.

In celebration of my love for spacious hips and my love for yoga, I am bringing you a practice to CREATE SPACE IN YOUR HIPS. Let’s bring our hips home!

With Love + Appreciation,