Go Deeper


Attention, yoga practitioners and teachers who want to take your practice and teachings to the next level. This is for those that feel stuck and are not only interested in the mechanics but also in the deeper aspects of yoga. 


Finally, you can stop trying to figure it out on your own.


Introducing….Go Deeper


A yoga program to promote a deeper connection to your yoga practice and to your yoga students.

Hi, my name is Shauna Lay and I am a yoga teacher and guide.
I have taught thousands of women and men yoga for the past 18 years
And I have learned three very important lessons.

We don’t breathe enough.
We don’t trust our bodies enough.
And we are moving way to fast.


The program is 8 weeks and begins on September 27th. Each week you will get access to mini-trainings, teaching you the fundamentals of the yoga asanas (poses). There are short anatomy teachings, alignment teachings and descriptions of poses.  You will learn how to practice safely and effectively so that you can go deeper into your practice without injuring yourself.

Once per week you will hop on zoom (video conferencing platform) with your classmates to learn how to create a deeper connection to your practice and to your students. This includes breathing, intention versus action, meeting your edge, feeling and listening to your body, as well as the difference between strength and flexibility. These will be live an in-person.  You will also be able to ask questions.

When you join the program you will have instant access to a private Facebook group for encouragement, accountability, community, and open access Q/A.

All to promote a deeper connection to your yoga practice and to your yoga students.




What I have been hearing for the past few years is the desire to go DEEPER, to connect to ourselves in a deeper way.
And what I hear in that is the desire to slow down and learn how to be in our bodies so that when we can live with an overall sense of peace. I have created a program to bring you everything I know about going deeper into your practice and your teachings to cultivate this feeling.
The thing about yoga is it’s deeply transformational. 
In addition to keeping the body really healthy, it awakens us to who we are. It allows us to see ourselves and align with ourselves. We are paying attention to our body. And when we pay attention to our body we become aware of it and when we are aware of it we are better able to control it because we are aware of our choices. And that includes the mind and thoughts as well. We can choose our thoughts.
When we pay attention to others’ bodies, namely our students or those around us, we learn a lot about ourselves and our own bodies. It works both ways.  Connect deeply to ourselves and connect deeply to others. Connect deeply to others and connect deeply to ourselves.
It is one of those practices that is really an “all in one”.  It affects everything.  
And like anything it can become stagnant. We can go through the motions without experiencing a lot of change. I like to think of it as a plateau. When we first begin to practice yoga, there are big aha’s. We are surprised at how different our bodies and minds feel after one class. Then after three or six months we don’t feel that.  This is when we reach a state of plateau. So how do we get that same feeling of “aha” in every practice?
We learn to go deeper, to connect to ourselves in a deeper way.
In this program we move past the mechanics of the poses and we go into the deeper aspects of yoga. This is where the fun really begins.




Thank goodness I discovered Shauna’s particular magic approach to yoga. Her carefully thought out approach causes no harm to a damaged body while she takes you through the asanas that offer amazing relief. The key..I can’t stress this enough..is in the DETAILS! It isn’t enough to just read about the particular asana. The key to getting relief is to have a careful detailed explanation about what your body is supposed to do. I can now manage my stiff shoulders and neck by applying those details..not just in my yoga practice but just adjusting how I stand in grocery lines, stretching my back as I wait for the microwave! Shauna’s approach WORKS!

Miki Moore

I did it!! I finished the entire course!! I’m so grateful to you Shauna for creating this program…I’m also grateful that I was able to practice this in the comfort of my own home. I appreciate your devotion to your art and for your authenticity.

Teree Lay

When I work with Shauna, I always feel safe to practice in a way that benefits my physical well being. If I am in pain, I know you will teach me and show me to practice in a way that alleviates the pain. If I come to my mat with no pain, I leave with a feeling of balance and strength and continue to be pain free.
I hear myself breathe a sigh of release many times during my practice. Thanks, Shauna Lay!

Stacey Ristow

After taking the program, I had more stability and a greater awareness.  I learned that less is more and I love how simple and straightforward the program is. 

Elisa Mott

This program is helping me stay healthy, it’s toning my muscles and stimulating my circulation. I get so much relief in my body by practicing the poses. They also help me relax and teach me breath control, which I love. 

Kris Harnett

Shauna you are the best. Originally several years ago, I thought Yoga was “foo foo”, for “hippies” and then I found my spiritual self and Shauna. I am now a true believer! I can’t wait to restart and renew! Namaste.

Nancy Wendling



Frequenly Asked Questions:

How will I access the program?


You will have access to a private membership website.
You can stream the videos or download them from your computer and you can download the E-Books.
You will be given zoom call-in info for all the calls.

When does the program start? How long is the program?


The course starts September 27th. It goes for 8 weeks with a week break in between.  We end on November 15th.

What are the times for the calls?


All calls will be on Thursdays, beginning Thursday September 27th. There will be two calls each day, one at 12:00 pm PST and the second at 4:00 pm PST.  The first call will review the anatomy, alignment, and asanas for the weekly practice.  The second call will be the teaching of the deeper theme for the week.  All calls will be recorded.  If you have to miss a call, it is best to miss the 12:00 session.  Do not miss the 4:00 session as that is the most important one.  

I have never done yoga before. Is this program for me?


No.  This course is for those that know the basic yoga poses and are interested in going deeper in their practice and teachings. If you want to learn the basics to the yoga practice, take the course “Yoga For Back Pain” E-Course.  It is a stand alone course and can be taken at your own pace. 

I have been practicing yoga for many years, is this program for me?
Yes!  This program is for students that are wanting to go deeper in their practice. I am not going to go over the basics.  If you are a teacher, you will learn how going deeper in your own practice will help you to go deeper with your students.

What Yoga props do I need for the program? How much space will I need?
You will need 1 yoga mat, 2 yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga strap, and 1 folding chair.  It is also nice to have access to a wall space.  The wall space should be free from pictures.  You will need as much space as the area of your yoga mat.  There are a lot of websites and stores where you can buy these props.

How much time is needed each day?
Each module in the online course takes about two hours of time to work through.  It is best to work through each module for one week but you are welcome to move through at your own pace. Their will be two calls each week, both on Thursdays. They will be 1 hour each.  All calls will be recorded so you can go back and review them. The course will be 8 weeks.  There will be a break week in the middle so that you can catch up if you are behind. 

What kind of internet connection do I need?
I recommend a high speed internet connection so you can access the videos efficiently.  The written material is an additional source of learning but I recommend watching the videos as well.  You can also download the videos if you go on vacation or do not have access to an internet connection while moving through the material.

What if I go on vacation?
 It can be taken anywhere at anytime as long as you have an internet connection.  That is the beauty of this program. And if you are away and don’t have access to a connection, you can download the videos and watch them while you are away.

How much does the program cost? How do I register?
The program is $397.00.  Register by clicking on the  JOIN NOW button above.

Hi, I am Shauna Lay and I am a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher.

I have been coaching and teaching for over 18 years.

My work is in reflecting back to you what you already know deep inside.

I can feel it through your words and your energetic field.

I am here for you, in witness of your brilliance. 

Are you ready to discover your brilliant essence?

Learn more about me.