You get on your mat and feel tired and you don’t know what to practice.  

You had a bad day and you are feeling depressed, the last thing you want to do is get on your mat, a glass of wine sounds way better.

You have come down with the anxiety shivers and you can’t sit still let alone practice yoga.

You are sitting on your mat and you need a boost of energy but you only have 10 minutes.

Sound familiar?

I bet you have experienced one or all of these at some point.  (I know I have).

When emotions take us over, our body reacts and gives us clues as to what it needs.

Healing occurs when we listen, really truly listen to its needs, and then follow-through.

Breathing, meditation, and yoga are ALL natural healing practices that help us deal with overwhelming emotions.

In this video I give you yoga poses that will help with depression, anxiety, low energy, and restoration.

Written and Made with Love, Shauna

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