Hi, Welcome.

I believe women yearn for this kind of experience yet hold themselves back out of fear, out of uncertainty, and out of not-knowing. Out of wondering, what is a women’s coach do anyway. I used to wonder the same thing.

I am realizing through the experience of coaching women, holding women’s circles and retreats, that it is a big unknown.

What is coaching anyway?  What is a women’s circle? What is a women’s retreat?

It is a gathering of women who come together for the specific purpose of healing and growing. To create experiences that help her remember who she is. It is a withdrawal from the busy lives we lead, the expectations we put on ourselves, the responsibilities we have chosen, the societal pressures, the television, and social media.

We are disconnected from ourselves and from each other. We want to empower one another but we have not done that in the past. We have put each other down, been envious and jealous of one another. We have stopped shining our light because we have been considered to much or too bitchy.  We are against each other.

Being together is an opening to re-connection, unity, respect, and a feeling of belonging again. It is a place to let go and simply be as we are.

I won’t call it easy.

It’s a choice and it isn’t always easy.

We let go of not having enough money. Of feeling like our homes will fall apart. We work through our fears of feeling like we aren’t deserving of this time. We let go of certainty and fear of the unknown.  We let go of what is comfortable. We let go of thinking we are less important or not important at all.

We must have the courage to open our hearts to the journey. To the journey of truly withdrawing. Of truly connecting with ourselves. Of truly becoming the present being we yearn to be. Of truly remembering who we are. Of truly learning to re-connect with each other as the beautiful women that we are.

We learn how to be in relationship in a deeper, more respectful way.

We remember how to trust, to honor, to support, and to love each other.

We remember who we are.

And that take a tremendous amount of courage.

I applaud you for your courage sister.

I applaud you for being here.

Thank you.



“Wise woman. Sovereign Queen. Profound Intuitive. Spiritual Ass-Kicker. All words that come to mind when describing my experience in working with Shauna over the past year. She’s seen me through so much joy of discovery and pain of unknowing, and has been a continuously shining light helping me see my way forward, holding space for the woman I want to become. I’ve workshopped my relationship, my business, my dreams, and laid my fears bare. And Shauna gives insight and clarity through it all. I’ve come so far in my time with her, and I can’t wait for the changes that are already taking shape. Shauna is a wonderful guide through the inner worlds of self-exploration. I couldn’t imagine working with a more genuine, grounded, and gifted coach.”

Jennifer Tosner

Intuitive Life Coach

Through my work in sisterhood, and learning how to communicate in a circle, I’ve become a better woman, businesswoman, mother, and wife. I’ve learned to witness and not take on all the energy in a room. How to love, without having all the answers or trying to solve all the problems. To say that Shauna has changed my life seems so cliché. But there’s simply no other way to put it. I love this woman to the core of her being. Every cell in her body. She has opened up a world to me that I didn’t know I was missing. I am now surrounded by a community of women with values that match my own. My husband and I are as connected as we’ve ever been. I’m present for my children and supporting them to find interdependence in a way that I’m proud of. And I live a life of abundance and joy that I’m grateful for each day. What a gift you have, my dear Shauna. Thank you for being in my life.”

Mira Greenland

I’m pretty sure I’ll only mention a tiny portion of the growth I’ve gotten from working with you because the benefits of growth have the capacity to be never ending. Working with you is a total joy for me! I was skeptical for sure and yet willing to take the chance on me. My only loss was money…the benefits could be amazing! Because of my work with you…I haven’t been this flexible with life and the world around me since early high school. It feels so cozy coming back to myself. I have a taste of it and have more work to do and I’m good with this. I have more space and am not so tight and bundled up. I have come to realize that staying busy is an excuse to not live life and be my own driver. I’m not afraid to go deep because you help me navigate…maybe it’s me as the driver and you are my map. So much fear is gone from inside me. More acceptance and love and compassion and openness.

Christle Wood