Oh the lovely Child’s Pose.  How I love you so….

This is how I would start my letter to Child’s Pose (Adho Mukha Virasana) because I practice it every morning and it was the first pose I really fell in love with.

I remember the first real yoga class I took and we started with Child’s Pose and we did it in between all of the other poses.  It was the resting pose.  And I was always so happy to be in it.  I could rest and catch my breath.  That first year was hard, every pose was difficult, and child’s pose made it all better.

But the interesting thing about this pose is it is not easy for everyone.  It is not a resting pose for everyone.  Not everyone is in love with it.

The knees, the hips, the groins, and/or the feet may prevent the body from relaxing completely in this pose.

You may need props for support so that you can stay and experience it’s peace and calming affects.

I describe all of this in the video for today. I give you ways in which you can provide support depending on your limitations.

Tell me what you think of this pose. Leave a comment below.

Love Shauna