When it comes to money what’s better?

…being a kid having none

…a young adult having some

…an older adult managing a lot

….or a famous rich person.

I’m not sure I know the answer for myself because money is a funny thing, it makes life easier and more complicated.

If money wasn’t necessary, what would you do with your life?

Would you be working where you are currently working?

Would you be with the partner your currently with?

Would you be living where you currently live?

Would you be doing the things you are currently doing?

Maybe your answer to these questions is a huge YES but most likely there is a hint of a NO somewhere in the answer to one or all of those questions. Or maybe a huge NO.

You see if money were no object things would be different and that’s what makes money so complicated.

It prevents us from living a life we truly desire.

Unless we are aware of that and then we can use our money wisely and go for the life we truly want. We can use it for its purpose, to be who we want, to go where we want, and to have what we want.

And not in a selfish, ego-driven way, but in a true way.  A way which supports are true desires.

With Love + Appreciation,


PS: The Yoga For Back Care 6 Week Program (lead by me) is back!  It is coming March 2016! I am so excited to take a new set of students through the course. The course teaches you how to heal your back pain with simple and doable yoga poses and exercises. Stay tuned for more emails about the course, they are coming soon.


This month while looking at money I found a really good thought provoking audio and worksheet about money, spoken and written by Danielle LaPorte. Scroll down to Session 13 and take a listen.





I also made a Pinterest board to remind me to be positive about money and to use it for its purpose. Check it out.